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Caffini The Caffini company was founded in 1924 in Palù, in the region of Verona, by Giovanni Battista Caffini. We are in the Po valley, in an area devoted to the cultivation of cereals, tobacco, fruits (apples, pears, peaches) and wine yards. The historical context is the development of the first major agricultural mechanisation in Italy. At the beginning the core business of the Company was the repair of agricultural equipment as workshop, followed by the construction of trailers and other equipment for working the soil.

At the end of the Second World War Paolo, the son, joined in the business and a new and larger seat was built where the selling of tractors and agricultural machinery was also started.

A further evolution took place in the 80s, when the third generation with Roberto, Gerardo and Valeria Caffini, gradually joined the company bringing new ideas and starting first with the production of mist-blower sprayers and, starting from the 90s, with the production of boom sprayers for treatments in the open field.

Sales, at first only in the local area, have developed at a national and international level, bringing the brand Caffini to be known and appreciated throughout the world for its quality, innovation and customer care.

Since 1993 the Company, while maintaining the total family property, became Caffini Spa limited company and since 2003 it is certified by quality management system ISO9001: 2008
Over these 90 years of experience, spirit of innovation, tenacity and passion have turned this family-run business in a Company specialised in the production of machinery for crop protection that is appreciated at international level.

Today Caffini S.p.A. continues to invest in the production and development of new solutions and technologies to simplify the work of modern farmers, paying a special attention to safety and environmental protection, consolidating a solid foundation for the future.

Horsch is a family-owned German firm that is best known for its drills and cultivation equipment. The arrival of a sprayer in its line-up came about from a strengthening of commercial ties between Horsch and fellow German company Leeb, which has been building sprayers since 1999. Horsch Leeb entered the UK sprayer market in 2012. 

Lurmark Lurmark was bought out by Hypro, but most of the parts have been rebranded with Hypro and are still available. For nozzles please refer to the Hypro Nozzle Chart or alternatively give us a call and we can translate for you to make sure you get what you need.


Leeb began building sprayers in 1999. Until 2012, Leeb had concentrated almost exclusively on its home market of Germany. The company decided to begin a partnership with Horsch to allow their sprayers to be marketed under the Horsch brand. Prior to 2012, the company sold 25 self-propelled sprayers and 80-100 trailed sprayers every year to only the German market.

The aim is to build future forward machines which consider the environment and the farmer.


Patchwork Founded in 1998, Patchwork Technology is a proud British-based developer and manufacturer of GPS systems for agriculture. Patchwork have always designed and written our software with the operator in mind and listen to users when designing all our products or planning future enhancements. The result is simple-to use solutions from field to office such as our award winning BlackBox range. Patchwork service levels are unrivalled with our own dedicated, UK-based team providing telephone and online support. They also are the only people to provide free updates to the system.
Patchwork Blackbox The BlackBox GPS systems eliminate the need for a Blob Marker while providing hugely improved track-to-track accuracy. The work required to produce documentation for cross compliance is also vastly reduced with BlackBox Advance and Evolution.

Compatible with all leading farm management software, BlackBox Advanceand Evolution allows you to confirm sprayer plans provided by agronomists. Automatic links to office software substantially reduce the effort needed to keep good and accurate spray records reducing the risk of financial penalty. In addition, the use of the field mapping satellite imagery and sprayer coverage maps offered by WebTrack allows any disputes to be easily settled.

Combining the BlackBox Advance or Evolution with the SCS section control gives you the ability to automatically shut off the boom sections on your sprayer. This saves money by reducing overlap and inputs.

Since 1978, Raven Applied Technology has helped create, define and redefine precision agriculture. We are an innovative technology company that develops, markets, and produces technical solutions to great challenges. We provide electronic Global Positioning System (GPS) products and information management tools designed to reduce operating costs and improve yields for the global agriculture market. From field computers to planter and sprayer controls, and from GPS guidance steering systems to wireless technology, we lead the way for precision ag technology that delivers in the field.

We continue today to bring revolutionary new products to growers around the world. The purpose? To put growers in control. To work smarter, reduce input costs and farm more efficiently. And ultimately, to increase yield and profitability. Success in farming has always been about using less and getting more. With Raven, you can simply do it better.

Spraying Systems
Teejet Teejet is owned by Spraying Systems and products may be branded either way.



ULD Ultra Low Drift (ULD)
Produce a coarse air-filled droplet sutable for soil applications, larger weeds and systemic fungicides to give the widest spraying window. ULD nozzles have JKI ratings for sizes 03 (50%), 04 and 05 (90%).


Tapered flat fan pattern with mixed droplet spectrum for a wide range of agrochemical applications. Maintains excellent spray distribution over 1-5 bar. Ideal for use with automatic rate control systems. Available in sizes 015 to 06 with spray angles of 80° (suitable for boom heights 60-75 cm) or 110° spray angle (suitable for 35-50 cm). 

XR Extended Range