The wide range and versatility of a large sprayer!

The mounted ALTO sprayer is available in 4 capacities from 300 to 800 litres. It is very versatile in use and there are models to meet every need: local authorities, farmers, livestock farmers, market gardeners. It is available with or without a boom.

The ALTO range has the advantage of a functional design and perfectly integrated equipment.

A compact and functional machine: Chassis/tank

  • Chassis protected by UHR polyester paint
  • High-density polyethylene main tank, with a capacity of 300, 400, 600 and 800 litres + 5%
  • The tank has a diamond-shaped base to limit residues.
  • 40 litre rinsing tanks for the 300 and 400 litre versions, and 80 litres for the 600 and 800 litre models
  • 15 litre handwash tank integrated for a compact unit

I Operation and spraying 

  • All the operating valves are grouped together on the left-hand side of the machine
  • The ALTO is fitted with a piston diaphragm pump as standard, 60 L per minute or 105 L per minute depending on the model
  • The ALTO is fitted with triple filtration unit on filling (8/10th), intake (6/10th) and delivery (4/10th)
  • As an option, the machine can be filled with an anti-pollution hydro-injector nozzle preventing any return of mixed product to the outside environment using a 6 m hose (not available on the ALTO 300)
  • Available in Constant Pressure or Plus version (DPM)

The ALTO is suitable for every need, for all types of operation

  • The ALTO range is available with or without a boom.
    • Without boom in Constant Pressure version, with 1 or 2 hose reels for precise application
    • With 7 to 15 m booms, depending on model
    • With 1 hose reel and a boom
  • Control options:
    • main electrical shut-off valve
    • electric Gate Valves, replacing Manual Valves
    • Electrical control for the regulating valve
  • For mixing products, as an option the ALTO can be equipped with an intake tube or a separate hopper on rollers with a boom rinse and product container rinse system.

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