The stainless steel tank is perfectly positioned to offer even weight distribution  - 50/50 on each axle - a first for the Forward Control Multidrive and making it a 'go anywhere' machine.  The narrow profile and cylindrical shape of the tank gives a low centre of gravity and dissipates liquid surge making the machine stable in the field (especially on side hills) and safe on the road.  Thanks to its shape, emptying is more efficient into a centrally located sump.  Available tank capacities are:-  4000, 4500 and 5000 litres. 

Fast, efficient chemical induction is conveniently carried out by the use of a large 50 litre capacity stainless steel chemical hopper equipped with twin can wash units.  The hopper is automatically washed internally on closure of the side folding lid. 

A new intuitive touch screen gives the operator finger tip control of all programming and command functions. Strategically positioned cameras utilise the large 8.4" screen to show the operator what is going on around the machine. 

Following the success in 2014 of individual Seletron nozzle section switching, Landquip will offer for 2015 the twin or quad multi auto nozzle system.  The operator simply programmes the ideal nozzles to achieve the required spray quality over a range of flow rates and forward speeds. 

This automatic nozzle-by-nozzle control can be used to stay within the LERAP working pressures around headland water courses or to maintain a fine to medium spray as required for small target, e.g. blackgrass, etc.

The system is also ideally suited to high volume fertiliser application by automatically switching from one jet to another for headland turns.  Whilst the controller will automatically maintain application rate, the pressure drop when slowing down to negotiate a headland turn will change the quality and distribution and may well move outside the nozzles' operating range.  By equipping the nozzle cluster with more than one Umbrella jet the auto nozzle-by-nozzle control will select the smaller jet for headland turns moving back to the larger jet once speed has been regained in the field, thereby maintaining application quality and distribution/pattern throughout the field whilst avoiding scorch from too high working pressures. 

Key features:

  • 4000, 4500 or 5000 litre 304 stainless steek tank (316 for suspension fertiliser)
  • Unladen weight 4500 litre / 36m:-  10580kg
  • 18 to 32m bi-fold boom or 30 to 40m tri-fold boom
  • 10% fresh water tank
  • 15 litre handwash tank
  • 300 or 450 l/min 6 cylinder piston diaphragm or 700 or 1300 l/min self priming centrifugal pump
  • 30 litre stainless steel chemical bowl
  • Electronic spray rate controller
  • Liquid fertiliser ready
  • Operator friendly
  • Superb weight distribution
  • Quick and easy to demount
  • 2” or 3” high volume plumbing systems



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The stainless steel tank is perfectly positioned to offer even weight distribution  - 50/50 on each axle - a first for the Forward Control Multidrive and making it a 'go...

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