Multidrive Demount

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Multidrive Demount

Using a system tractor such as the Multidrive allows the user to have all the benefits of a self propelled sprayer whilst being able to use the tractor for other applications, simply by taking off the sprayer pack.

The Multidrive demount sprayer pack is fully approved by Multidrive and comes into its own on steep and hilly ground, where the mechanical drive and long wheelbase provide a fantastic platform to maintain even and accurate spraying. Being a mechanically driven unit, the Multidrive can also travel faster on the road allowing minimum transport times and more spraying hours.

Landquip Multidrive demount sprayers can be built for both lengths of wheelbase and have 3000 to 5000 litre stainless steel cylindrical tanks. Alu-light booms from 18-36 metres are available which also maintain superb weight distribution.

With its stainless steel tank the Multidrive demount sprayer can easily be modified to allow for suspension fertiliser using flood jets, or liquid fertiliser using umbrella fertiliser jets (manufactured by Landquip).

Key features:

  • 3000 to 5000 litre 304 stainless steek tank (316 for suspension fertiliser)
  • 18 to 28m bi-fold boom or 30 to 36m tri-fold boom
  • 10% fresh water tank
  • 15 litre handwash tank
  • 300 or 450 l/min 6 cylinder piston diaphragm or 700 or 1300 l/min self priming centrifugal pump.
  • 25 litre stainless steel chemical bowl
  • Electronic spray rate controller
  • Liquid fertiliser ready
  • Operator friendly
  • Superb weight distribution
  • Quick and easy to demount
  • 2” or 3” high volume plumbing systems