Today thanks to the best reliability reached by spraying pumps, the major element to be considered in the choice of a new sprayer is undoubtedly the ventilation system. Its heart is certainly the fan. Most sprayer fans available on the market were developed in the fifties-sixties and then were copied by one another without being properly studied. The aim, which our technicians were requested to reach at the beginning of the “TOP-FAN” project, was the study and development of a new fan showing the following features:

1. innovate in every aspect.

2. with high performances in air delivery for a best penetration into cultivations, but with a relatively low speed in order to avoid plant damages and the dispersion of chemicals into the environment.

3. Light weight, in order to avoid inertial effects on transmission (gearbox-cardan shaft-tractor PTO) unlike old aluminium propellers.

4. No maintenance needs.

5. Full resistant against pesticides.

6. Even distribution of the spraying mixture on the left and on the right side. This aim was achieved after 2 years research and experiences with the aid of an important university. The person, who buys a sprayer of our range, chooses the best product offered nowadays by the aerodynamic technology applied to plant protection treatments.

- Instantaneous variable fan pitch

- Average efficiency 25-30% higher than other products available on the market

- Synchronized blade adjustment by a single movement

- Perfect adaptation to the tractor power

- Large air volume at low impact speed on vegetation.

- Low working noise

1. Main Tank made of polyethylene resisting against all chemicals, with triple shock resistance than fibreglass. All tank walls are inclined in order to prevent the deposit of the chemical mixture; its capacity exceeds the nominal capacity by 5 to 10%; the bottom with double prism shape allows the emptying of the tank even in the presence of gradients over 20%.

2. Hand-washing tank of 18 litres capacity

3. Separated clean washing tank (standard equipment of Trend Plus series)

4. Pre-mixer (standard equipment of Trend Plus series)

5. Central cover with anti-fall hinge.

 The range TREND PLUS is standard equipped with washing tank with a capacity of 10% of main tank. The clean water allows washing of all the system (pump, pipes, nozzles, and tank) at the end of treatment. It is possible to wash the system also in case of treatment interruption, without mixture dilution.


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