The PROFARMER boom sprayers are professional machines for Pesticides/Plant Protection Products. They can be fitted with the 045 model boom, which is available in various working widths up to 28 meters. The structure of the boom is light and robust whilst being made from seven different types of special steels to guarantee maximum strength and flexibility.


  • Painted steel frame after cataphoresis treatment
  • Hydraulic boom 045 painted after cataphoresis treatment, independent right/left sequential closing, damped hydraulic lift
  • Patented pendulum equalizer system with hydraulic locking
  • Elektroil 5: oil distributor for boom movement right, left, height adj., tilt control and hydraulic equalizer blocking controlled on monitor CB9
  • Automatic spraying Computer CB9
  • Premixer hopper Smart (1200 l) or Maxi (for 1500-1800 l) with canister rinsing nozzle
  • Hub Service: adjustable pressure filter, filling port and valve for circuit rinsing without dilution
  • Dry level gauge



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