"Xtra" Mounted Sprayer

This advanced mounted sprayer can be fitted with 1300, 1600 or 1900 litre tanks and booms up to 30m in both Gull-Wing or V-fold configuration. It is quick and simple to couple to the tractor with integral parking legs and is optimised for quick hitch three-point linkage.

The V-fold boom is compactly stowed within the width of the tractor keeping transport width to a minimum. MAXImizer plumbing and air switched nozzles combined with GPS section switching optimise chemical application.

The working capacity can be increased with the addition of a front tank, available in 1300 or 1500 litre.

Sprayer Details


"Maximizer" Control System

  • Simple and convenient control layout.
  • Low volume "Maximizer" plumbing system.
  • Pressurised sprayline circulation with auto cleaning.
  • Automatic induction hopper with self cleaning.
  • Optional fast tank filling system.
  • Choice of diaphragm or centrifugal pump.

Increased Capacity

  • 1300 or 1500 litre Front tank.
  • Can be used with the sprayer of stand-alone.
  • Simple 3 point quick-hitch mounting with built-in parking legs.
  • Full road lighting.
  • Integral clean water tank and hand wash tank.

ISOBUS Integration

The sprayer is equipped with an ISOBUS compatible computer system with the potential to integrate your existing precision farming investment. The Muller computer offers an unrivalled choice of features and systems including GPS mapping and variable rate control, integration to other mapping systems and full task management implementation and recording.

Boom Details 


"3 Series" Boom

  • A light weight and compact gull wing folding boom.
  • Available in 12m/24m and 14m/28m folding.
  • Optional hydraulic boom incline.
  • Optional “one side folding” facility.

"V-Fold" Boom

  • Strong and reliable 4 series configuration.
  • Available in 24m, 28m and 30m working widths.
  • Boom incline with below level option.
  • Optional “one side folding” facility.

Contour Following Centre Boom

  • Keep close to the crop with positive or negative incline.
  • Self-levelling suspension optimised for auto levelling.
  • Horizontal yaw damping for accurate application
  • One side folding system for special jobs


 Read more about this sprayer or call our sales department on 01423 322377.

Take a look at Knight "Xtra" Mounted Sprayer in action - 

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