1100], 1500L, 1900L, Landquip, NITRO BAND -



The Landquip Nitro-band is a precision band placement system for liquid fertiliser, used in conjunction with the drill/seeding unit or strip-till combination when planting oil seed rape, maize, sugar beet, etc

By placing a band of liquid fertiliser directly over the row of seed, a higher concentration can be applied compared to the traditional broadcasting method. This higher concentration gives the plant an immediate boost for a quick start. By applying fertiliser only over the seed and not in between the rows, competition from weeds is also reduced. This culminates in stronger, healthier plants earlier in the season, improving spring growth and maximising potential yields.

The Nitro-band system consists of a front tank and the equipment needed to transfer the liquid fertiliser to the nozzles at the rear of the seeding implement. A Nitro-band front tank can also be used as a standard front tank in conjunction with a rear mounted sprayer increasing the sprayer’s capacity.

Key features:

  • 1100, 1500 or 1900 litre ‘Vision’ Front Tank OR
  • 1000 litre ‘Service Unit’ Front Tank
  • Hydraulically driven centrifugal or piston pump
  • 1.5” or 2” suction fill point
  • Quick-fit hydraulic hosing and transfer pipes
  • Front lights and indicators
  • Auto electric on/off when machine/drill is raised or lowered (electric override)

A front tank can double-up as a Nitro-Band sowing applicator


A specially shaped hard-wearing tine that places liquid fertiliser just below fine seed such as onions.

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