News Story - Bio-security gets a boost in the poultry shed

Despite the acknowledged importance of bio-security, little has changed in the past 20 years in terms of poultry house disinfection routines. Until now, with the adoption of spraying technology more usually associated with fruit orchards.

Contractor Nigel Newland of Driffield, North Yorks has introduced a 2000 litre Berthoud ‘Fructair TC’ trailed sprayer, specialised citrus spec’ model with 26 individual fixflow nozzles which produce a fine mist, effectively reaching all surfaces including those frequently missed with a hand held lance.
“The problem with hand lance spraying” says Nigel, “is inconsistency. It can be hit and miss with even experienced operators. Older sheds especially often have pipe work and structural supports making full and uniform coverage difficult, if not impossible. With the Fructair, one fully trained tractor driver can treat any number of sheds, each in around 30 minutes. This especially makes sense on a large site where each shed could have two operators handling chemicals and taking twice as long to complete the task!”
The ‘Fructair’ has an 840 mm rear intake axial flow fan supported by a powerful pump operating at around 20 bar pressure. The mist contains Kilco ‘Viroshield’ a DEFRA approved, Gluteraldehyde based disinfectant   which sticks to the surfaces much longer than the commonly used foams which can run off long before the advised 20 minute kill time. It was a Kilco representative who first suggested that Nigel should investigate the Berthoud sprayer. Berthoud in turn introduced him to Murray Allan of Spray Trac Systems of Boroughbridge whose technical knowledge was invaluable in selecting the most suited model, especially in adjusting volumes and optimising outputs.
“Having previously used a pressure cleaner and foaming lance, I am in no doubt about the major step forward the new system represents” says Nigel. “Even in sheds with nesting boxes, every surface is treated, similarly with air handling units. Currently we are treating 12 units across Yorkshire, a mixture of turkey and chicken houses. Once users see the system working they are convinced, with the result that we are increasing our customer base and already considering other applications, maybe grain stores or warehouses.”

The site visited was a parent breeding unit where turkeys are held for the first 29 weeks of their lives, equating to 2 flocks a year. Two 35,000 square foot sheds house around 5500 turkeys. Once the flock is sent on to laying units, the houses have a thorough clean down starting with litter removal and a 4 day wash down of equipment and exteriors. Nigel’s company Enviroclean UK then treat the interiors with the disinfectant and the sheds are locked for 3 days allowing the ‘Viroshield’ to eliminate any residual bacteria.

The poultry company takes swab tests for lab analysis, backed by duplicates by the chemical company. Once satisfactory results are received, the next flock of day olds arrives within days and the cycle starts once more.

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