Berthoud unveil Raptor upgrades for 2016

Berthoud’s Raptor self-propelled sprayers have pushed even further in their quest for innovation with upgrades providing greater operator convenience and comfort, reduced all-round cost with even better performance.

The BOSCH REXROTH hydrostatic transmission now has ECO functionality as standard. The operator sets a forward speed for the machine which automatically adjusts its engine and hydrostatic rate according to the load. This mode may also be combined with cruise control enabling the operator to predefine his working speed.

The 3 speed ranges have been developed to reach 0-18 / 0-25 spraying modes and 0-40kph road speed enabling fuel consumption to be optimised and provides the operator with more flexible use and comfort.

In the cab a new console / display groups all the vehicle's information together (speed, engine, rate, variable hydraulic track control etc.) This is incorporated within a new electrically adjustable armrest while a new pivoting high comfort seat automatically adapts to the driver's weight. The new mid cab range is fitted with a ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) approved cab that meets Category 4 air filtration requirements for optimum user safety. The improvements are available on all Raptor front and mid cab models excluding the entry level 2540. Other new design features are reserved for the mid-cab range.

The revised bonnet now lifts clear for operator access and is combined with new hydraulic operating kinematics for improved access to the engine. LED strips on each side of the bonnet's interior enable the area to be illuminated for night work.

Clearance adjustable to crop type: variable hydraulic track (except on the 2540) with hydraulic ground clearance on the 4,200 and 5,200-litre mid cab version with 1.25 to 1.8m clearance (availability date to be confirmed).


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