24 Litre Wheel Arch Tank

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24 Litre wheel arch water tank designed to fit in vans, pick-ups, campers, campervans or motorhomes.

24 litre capacity has 6 x M8 inserts moulded into the tank for easy mounting. There are also a range of kits available to ensure the tank is quick and easy to install including a plumbing kit, fitting kit and a submersible pump kit options below - these need to be purchased separately.

Submersible Pump Kit:

This kit can be used to allow a submersible pump to be connected through the lid.


1 x ½” BSP 90° bulkhead hose tail 11-13mm

1 x ½” BSP back nut

1 x ½” BSP gasket

1 x cable gland

1 x 10 metre roll PTFE tape

Plumbing Kit:

This kit has all the fittings required for the outlet, inlet and vent hoses.


1 x ½” BSP x 13mm hose tail

2 x ½” BSP 90° hose tail

3 x ½” BSP gasket

3 x ½” BSP back nut

1 x 10 metre roll PTFE tape

 24 Litre Fitting Kit:

3 x M8 x 12mm socket button head stainless steel

3 x M8 x 25mm washer stainless steel

1 x 50mm x 55mm x 30mm angle bracket

2 x 150mm x 90mm x 60mm angle bracket



Height (mm)
Width (mm) 750
Depth (mm) 150
Weight (kg) 3
Nominal capacity (Ltr) 24
Baffled NO

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