Coupling with Cam Locking - Locking Spring

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Locking Spring

  • ​ Suitable to couplings MIL-C-27487
  • STAINLESS STEEL locking levers for maximum mechanical strength and corrosion resistance (2 locking levers up to 3” models and 3 levers for 4” models)
  • The material used, fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene, ensures excellent mechanical strength and good resistance against chemical agents
  • On request, also available in fibreglass-reinforced Nylon
  • BSP threads (NPT on request)
  • A tapered seat for the O-ring seal is fitted in the female thread BSP versions (compatible with all new ARAG fittings)
  • Max. working pressure 9 BAR (130 PSI) for the 3/4” to 2” models; max. 5 BAR (75 PSI) for the 3” and 4” models
  • EPDM standard gaskets (Viton® and NBR on request)
CODE Size 
181030  3/4"
181040  1"
181050  1"1/4
181060  1"1/2
181070  2"
181090  3"

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