Aeros 9040 Field Computer

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Aeros 9040 Field Computer

  • Automatic rate control for liquid or granular applications, built on field proven control modules. 
  • Rugged enclosure with a crisp, bright 8.4" display. 
  • Robust guidance system supports all popular guidance modes. 
  • Available BoomPilot® automatic section control for improved application efficiency. 
  • Unique droplet size monitoring function allows real-time display of droplet size during spraying operations. 
  • Field coverage mapping and USB ports for easy data downloading. 
  • Ethernet port and Wi-Fi capability for data transfer and maximum connectivity. 
  • Built-in sub-meter GPS receiver, also compatible with external receivers. 
  • Compatible with FieldPilot® hydraulic auto steering and UniPilot® electromechanical assisted steering. 
  • Supports up to 8 RealView® cameras for machine and field monitoring. 


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