Nozzle : AITX ConeJet Air Induction Hollow Cone Spray Tips

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Typical Applications:

 Hollow cone spray pattern is ideal for air blast and directed spray applications.


  • Constructed of polypropylene, ceramic and Viton® for excellent chemical and wear resistance.
  • Removable pre-orifice for fast and easy cleaning.
  • Available in VisiFlo® ceramic (VK).
  • Larger droplets are produced, as compared to standard TX ConeJet, through the use of a venturi air aspirator resulting in reduced drift and improved canopy penetration.
  • Ideal for sprayers equipped with automatic control systems.
  • AITXA to be used with CP25607-*-NY Quick TeeJet cap.
  • AITXB to be used with Albuz® caps or equivalent.
  • Suggested spray pressure of 60–300 PSI (4–20 bar).


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