Altek - Spray Stop Direct Control Master 4-6mm

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Master-Slave section control option capable of operating up to 8 standard Spray-Stops


  • Control current < 0,06A
  • 12 V Voltage
  • Pneumatic supply can be positioned through 360° Maximum spray liquid pressure: 12 bar
  • Minimum pneumatic pressure: 4,5 bar
  • Maximum pneumatic pressure: 6,5 bar

System integration into the field sprayer:

  • For modern field sprayers with pneumatic supply and electronical control
  • For OEM original fitment and retrofitting (fits all common nozzle bodies) Replaces the standard section valves and hoses
  • Only one electrical line per section (Master-Slave version)
  • Reduction in residual liquids, recirculation possible by mounting hoses in a ring line
  • No additional electro pneumatic valve bank required
  • Easy mounting of the pneumatic hoses
  • Flexible configuration of the sections easily achieved

Benefits for the end user:

  • Nozzle control is operated directly on the spray line
  • Fast and safe ON/OFF control reduces chance of over application GPS section / individual nozzle control is possible (additional controllers required)
  • Pressure recirculation system possible Instant liquid spray pressure at all nozzles when turning on (circulation system)
  • Minimal residual chemicals = less waste, reduced costs and safer environment

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