AVI TWIN 110° - Low Crops ISO & Anti-Drift

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Flat fan pattern angle 110° Air induction Twin Flat Spray Nozzle. 


  • All types of treatment (systemic and contact products)
  • Spray overlap required to ensure uniform distribution on the ground.


  • Flow rate in accordance with international ISO standard colour codes.
  • Double-orifices pink ALBUZ ceramic (excellent precision and high wear resistance)
  • Range of use of pressures from 3 bar to 5 bar.


  • Recommended pressure: 3 bar.
  • The inclination of the jets improves the penetration into the vegetation .
  • Air induction nozzle (venturi system)
  • Standard design length (28 mm length) fits all booms and nozzle holders.
  • Minimum height boom recommended : 50/60 cm.
  • Angle between the jets: 65 °

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