Boombuster Nozzle - 180-10 & 180-10R

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Boom Buster spray nozzles are perfect for all of your agricultural spraying applications.

  • Large droplet size reduces spray drift and promotes spray penetration
  • Ideal for Orchards, Vineyards, Vegetables, Forestry, Pastures, Turf and Golf Course Spraying, Nurseries and more!
  • Perfect for Aquatic Pest and Weed Control in ponds, lakes and canals
  • Excellent dust suppression
  • Outstanding for fighting brush and grass fires
  • Ability to be used with tank-mix systems and computer controlled direct injection systems

Model 180-10 and 180-10R- 3/8" Standard Pipe Thread 

  • Shaded area shows Litres per Hectare. Water used for all calculations at a height of 1.2m above ground level. Calculations are for a single nozzle, please adjust numbers according to your setup. (For example: Two nozzles would require doubling the numbers in the table) 
  • The nozzle fitting is 3/8" male Standard pipe thread and requires a 1/2" supply line.
  • Two nozzles on the same supply line require a supply line two sizes larger than the nozzle size. (Two 1/4" nozzles should have a 1/2" supply line.


While all Boom Buster nozzles can  be used for any type of spraying, the sizes and combinations listed below are ideal for the right-of-way spraying. They can be used with tank-mix systems, as well as with computer controlled direct injection systems. Each nozzle is designed to spray a specific pattern width, yet all nozzles listed in the combinations below will apply the same amount of liquid per acre, at the same speed, and at the same pressure. Unlike cluster nozzles which require several straight stream nozzles to spray a given distance, each Boom Buster nozzle sprays the entire distance of the pattern as listed in the application chart.

Please select 180-10R FOR RIGHT-OF-WAY NOZZLES. Right-of-way nozzles spray beneath and slightly behind the nozzle. Standard nozzles spray beneath and further behind the nozzle to insure overlap when two nozzles are mounted back-to-back for band spraying.

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