Boombuster Nozzle - 180-2 & 180-2R

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Boom Buster spray nozzles are perfect for all of your agricultural spraying applications.

  • Large droplet size reduces spray drift and promotes spray penetration
  • Ideal for Orchards, Vineyards, Vegetables, Forestry, Pastures, Turf and Golf Course Spraying, Nurseries and more!
  • Perfect for Aquatic Pest and Weed Control in ponds, lakes and canals
  • Excellent dust suppression
  • Outstanding for fighting brush and grass fires
  • Ability to be used with tank-mix systems and computer controlled direct injection systems

Model 180-2 & 180-2R 3/8" Standard Pipe Thread 

  • Water used for all calculations at a height of 300mm above ground level. Calculations are for a single nozzle, please adjust numbers according to your setup. For example, two nozzles would require doubling the numbers in the table.
  • This nozzle fitting is 3/8" male standard pipe thread and require a 1/2" supply line. 
  • Two nozzles on the same supply line require a supply line two sizes larger than the nozzle size, For example, two 3/8" nozzles should have a 3/4" supply line.

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