Arag - “Compact Flow Stop” air shut-off valve

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“Compact Flow Stop” air shut-off valve with reduced dimensions

• Pneumatically operated valve, normally closed
• Side 1/8” female air coupling, with adjustable position
• Applicable on any anti-drip nozzle holder
• Made of Polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass • Seals in Viton®, spring in stainless steel
• Air consumption 0.0069 l/cycle (0.0146 CFM)


    •  Maximum operating pressure 8 bar (115 PSI)
    • Air consumption 0,0069 lt/cycle (0,0146 CFM)
    • Viton® gaskets
    • Caps to order separately
    • Suitable for booms with automatic selection of nozzle, operated by Computer

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