Filling System for Tank

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Filling system for tank

• Automatic valve stop once set quantity has been reached
• DIGIWOLF flow-meter from 20 to 400 l/min
• Programmable multilingual graphic display
• Display snap-on cover
• Electrical valve with stainless steel TEFLON® coated sphere
• Fork coupling T6
• Support with transport handle
• 7.5 m power cable
• Power supply: 12 Vdc


• Instant rate display (l/min)
• Display of total quantity of liquid supplied
• Unit of measurement: litres, 
• 2 separately resettable counters
• Programmable flow threshold alarm (min/max)
• Assisted constant setting procedure
• Typical error: 1% of the full scale
• Operating pressure: up to 12 bars*
• Parts in contact with the fluid in Nylon and fiber glass reinforced polypropylene, Delrin®, Stainless Steel and TEFLON®.
*: operating pressure depends on selected connector/union.

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