Foam Marker/Bout Marker Complete Kit - TF EV-24

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The TF EV24 is a foam marker built for small and medium size agricultural sprayers.  The foam is generated at the end of the boom.  A full tank will last approximately 2 to 4 hours depending on the flow rate and the amount of foam agent used.  It is easy and fast to install. Field tested.


  • 22 Litre Tank 
  • heavy-duty compressor
  • right/left remote switch
  • 2 vertical foam nozzles
  • 25m of air/liquid tubing
  • flow regulator
  • 2.5m of power supply cable
  • 5m of compressor cable

ECO standard' range suitable for all kind of equipment, recently improved: new tank 'design including level indicator and handle to improve the fill-in procedures. Switch compact electric box including swivel support , blade fuse and working led. Tank' cap with plastic safety valve and no-return diaphragm high-sensible valve. Foam diffusers with re-movable double sponges, flexible and resistants. 

Hoses and all necessary parts are included in the kit for the best reliable and easy assembly.

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