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Pentair Hypro ESI Six Stream Ceramic Spray Nozzles

Fertilizing your crops is important. It ensures the plants receive the nutrients they need to grow strong. The way you apply fertilizer is key too. For a more effective application, you need to distribute it evenly on the soil while getting less on the crop. Pentair Hypro ESI Six Stream Nozzle Tip can help you accomplish this task with spray streams that help apply product where needed.

  • A low-pressure distribution chamber provides superior stream stability for reduced atomization and prevention of leaf burn
  • Six streams distribute fertilizer more evenly than one single stream
  • Provides extremely coarse droplets improving fertilizer distribution


Applying product where needed

  • Distribute fertilizer accurately and evenly with six identical fluid streams
  • Reduce atomization and prevention of leaf burn with unique low pressure distribution chamber, which provides superior stream stability
  • Enjoy a durable and accurate product life with wear-resistant orifices
  • Help prevent plugging with large outlet holes
  • Minimize breakage with its compact design
  • Pick from sizes of 015-20 to facilitate a wide range of application rates
  • Pentair FastCap lock design for cleaner and easier handling
  • Compatible with PWM Systems

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