Nozzle - Guardian Air 110° Air Induction

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The air induction nozzle with the finest drops to optimise the balance between drift
reduction and spray coverage. Suitable for a wide variety of applications to cereals, oilseed, rape and other combinable crops. Effective down to 100 l/ha of water.

The Hypro Guardian AIR spray nozzle has a unique rearward spray incline provides more uniform coverage. Higher flow nozzles used at faster speeds have a greater spray incline.

• Air-induced sprays reduce drift while increasing droplet deposition and retention on foliage

• Provides better coverage with more drops per gallon or litre compared to other common air-induced spray nozzles

• Speed-optimised spray incline allows more uniform coverage

• Specifically engineered nozzle to maintain droplet spectrum regardless of orifice size

• Optimum spray - use at 3 bar.

3 star at 1.25-1.5 bar

75% drift reduction

Spray quality is categorized as ‘smaller droplet air induction’ by AHDB at 3 bar and is similar across different nozzle sizes when used at the same pressure.
Application rates shown on this chart are based upon tests at 3 bar and 50cm nozzle spacing.

1. Single Inlet; Air Inducted Technology

2. Inclined spray pattern provides more uniform coverage

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