Nozzle - Guardian AIR Twin 110° Air-Induction

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Twin 30° forward and rearward inclines, based on the finer droplet spray quality
of Guardian AIR . Ideal for ear sprays and penetration into denser crop canopies.

Features an integral FastCap design.

For optimum spray coverage use at 3 bar.

GuardianAIR Twin spray nozzles are the best choice for high coverage applications where on-target spray delivery is important. They are ideal for low crops with complex canopies, such as vegetables, where thorough coverage of the target and protection of the surroundings are of high importance.

• High-coverage forward and rear facing fans help penetrate complex canopies

• Engineered to provide better coverage with more drops per gallon or litre compared to other air-induced sprays

• Easy-to-install, patent-pending locking ring and o-ring seal design

• FastCap complete includes nozzle, cap, gasket and is available with or without a filter 

1. Integrated Locking Collar allows for precise and easy installation

2. Twin Air Inducted spray patterns (30° offset) for superior coverage

3. Available with or without filter options

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