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ProStopTM pneumatic valves rapidly open and close flow to the nozzle.

All ProFlo nozzle holders can be ordered pre-fitted with a ProStopTM or ProStop-ETM control valve in place of the DCV.

Features & Benefits

•Saves chemical and prevents misapplication by providing accurate spray control •Rapidly and accurately start and stop nozzle flow using a selfpropelled sprayer’s existing on-board air
•Fail-safe operation with a normally closed, pressurize-to-spray control and positive shut-off for transport and storage
•Operate using as low as 40 psi (3 bar) pneumatic signal to control sprays at pressures up to 150 psi (10 bar)
•Air inlet is compatible with convenient push-connect fittings and economical polyethylene or polypropylene tube
•Durable and chemically-resistant construction with polypropylene body, PVDF plunger, stainless steel springs and EPDM seals
•Connect several together on one air circuit for boom section control or use in small groups to reduce overlap on headlands
•100% factory-tested

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