Nozzle - Ultra Low Drift 120° - Replaces Drift Beta

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Replaces Drift Beta

Significant reduction in drift from coarse air-filled droplets.

For spraying in the widest weather window.

Suitable for soil-active and translocated foliage sprays on larger targets (e.g. glyphosate, cereal fungicides).

Avoid for smaller targets and contact acting chemicals.

The ULD – Ultra Lo-Drift is the ideal spray nozzle for use where drift reduction is paramount. The nozzle produces large air-filled droplets, which cut drift dramatically compared with a standard fan and conventional lowdrift spray nozzles. Ideal for use with pre-emergence and broad spectrum products. 

• Creates air-filled droplets which significantly reduce spray drift

• Wide spray angle (120°) enables boom height to be lowered to further decrease drift

• Small, compact size reduces the chances of accidental breakage

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