Nozzle - XT for Boomless Spraying

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XT nozzles throw a very coarse spray in a swath up to 4.9 metres wide and can
be used instead of a spray boom or to extend the spraying width. Ideal for use
in forests, amenity or pastureland where there are obstructions to spraying.
Available with threaded stainless steel body or polyacetal FastCap bayonet
(sizes 010 to 043).

Application rates are based on the swath widths listed at boom height 1.2m. Swath width can be altered by
adjusting nozzle angle by +/- 18°. If using a different swath width:

l/min = l/ha x km/hr x swath width (m) DIVIDED BY 600

l/ha = l/min x 600 DIVIDED BY km/hr x swath width (m)

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