Hydraulically-Driven, Cast Iron & Stainless Steel - Series 9303C-SP and 9303S-SP

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Series 9303C-SP and 9303S-SP


  • Available in cast iron and 316 stainless steel for extended pump life
  • Hydraulic motor drive (for open center, closed center and load-sensing systems)Port sizes: 1-1/2" NPT inlet, 1-1/4" NPT outlet
  • Max. fluid temperature: 140°F/60°C
  • Impeller: Cast Iron models – Nylon; (GTX available) Stainless Steel models – Polypropylene
  • Motor: internal gear gerotor
  • Hydraulic ports: 1/2" NPT inlet, 3/4" NPT outlet
  • Max. motor psi: 3000 (bar: 207) ‹ Pump seals: Cast Iron models – Viton® /ceramic standard; Life Guard silicon carbide (B) available; Stainless Steel models – Life Guard silicon carbide standard
  • Life Guard seals are the industry standard on OEM equipment
  • Hydraulic motor seal: double-lip Teflon®
  • Weight: 38 lbs./17.3 kg


9303C-HM1C-SP, 9303S-HM1C-SP

9303C-HM2C-SP, 9303S-HM2C-SP

9303C-HM3C-SP, 9303S-HM3C-SP

    9303C-HM4C-SP, 9303S-HM4C-SP

    9303C-HM5C-SP, 9303S-HM5C-SP


    • Increase dry-run and abrasive resistance with Life Guard Seals
      • Life Guard seals are the OEM standard
    • Extend pump life with Stainless Steel
      • Fact: Chemical corrosion, pump cavitation, and abrasive wear are key factors in pump life
      • 316 Stainless Steel pumps provide superior chemical corrosion resistance, while maintaining material strength to prolong the life against abrasive wear
      • 316 Stainless Steel resists cavitation pitting of pumps, extending the wear life
      • Drop in replacements for cast iron pumps

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