Knapsack - 435 Comfort Backpack Sprayer

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Key features of the SOLO Comfort backpack sprayers include adjustable pump levers, VITON® seals, a handle with integral spray wand retainer and wide shoulder straps. With a piston pump and 20 l tank size, the SOLO COMFORT 435 can tackle a wide variety of agricultural and woodland tasks just as successfully as they can handle trade applications and green space maintenance. The extensive range of accessories makes the three Comfort models even more versatile.


Weight 5.1 kg

20 Litres

Lance Length

Plastic, 50cm

Max. Spray Pressure Bar

4/6* (*With Plug) Bar


Piston Pump


Cleaning, Degreaser, Disinfectant, Fertilisers, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Wallpaper Stripper, Waterproofing

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