Knapsack - Electric Vermorel 3000

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Technical details

  • Performance :
    • Lithium-ion battery for long lifespan
    • 6hr battery life
    • Twin diaphragm pump and Viton seals
      Max flow : 2.6L/min
    • Compatible with the full range of Berthoud accessories (including spray bars)
  • Comfort :
    • Comfort harness for optimum comfort during prolonged use
    • Optimised design for a lighter weight product with a reduction of more than 1.5 kg compared to ELECTRIC VERMOREL 2000 (ref 102042)
      6.2kg with battery
  • Maintenance :
    • Easy access to battery / pump assembly
  • Precision :
    • Choice of 3 pressure settings
    • Electronic pressure control for precise and constant spray
    • Battery charge level indicator
    • Immediate stop/start spraying trigger control


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