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240-watt -LED-light-Lightbar-tractor-land-rover

Designed for those who want the latest brightest and best in crystal clear white lighting.

Manufactured as a rugged and highly impressive CREE LED light bar fitted with 80 x 3w LEDs’ capable of operating from either 12 or 24 volts dc whilst delivering a truly impressive 240w / 19200 lumen of light power.  If using 12v the current draw is only 16A.

This width of LED light bar brings everything around you to life and increases safety and work output enormously. It definitely makes purchasing very interesting because it is possible for you to be more specific on how many spot beams and how many flood beams in a single light bar.  There is no reason why you cannot simply have all of one type though and many of our customers do just that…..

As a UTV example a 30% spot along with 70% flood pattern works well in giving some distance to your night vision but at the same time brings the area around and in front of you to life.

You have a choice of lightbar beam pattern being either a flood or spot with flood giving a light angle of 60 degrees and a spot giving 30 degrees.

LED light bar comes complete with a pair of sturdy “L” shaped mounting brackets which allow light beam angle to be easily adjusted on any ATV - UTV vehicle.

Absolutely ideal for mounting on the roof of a UTV, Tractor, Excavator or Harvester.


1100mm is too wide for a John Deere XUV or HPX roof.

Ideal for the likes of roof of  a Landrover, Cushman 1600XD-R, Kioti Mechron 2200, Polaris Ranger 900, Ausa 60D, Kubota RTV .


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