Manual Cleaning Filters (3"/2" F)

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Manual self-cleaning filters are intended to be used in waste water, even if it contains sand, and in all those cases where a non-stop filtering action is required.

Their special feature is that they can be cleaned without being removed. Once the filter has reached its max. clogging level, just open the drain valve and turn the handle onto the filter to clean it and restore its original filtering rate. An inner scanning system sends dirt particles into the tube, thus ensuring longer cleaning intervals.

• 3” and 2” threading
• 3” filter flow rate: 60 m³/h
• 2” filter flow rate: 40 m³/h
• 3” filter cartridge: Ø 131x556 mm
• 2” filter cartridge: Ø 131x375 mm
• Fibreglass reinforced Nylon® body, EPDM seals
• Max. operating pressure 10 bar (145 PSI)
• Complete with 3/4” BSP female drain valve
• Twin connector for G 1 1/4” F BSP pressure gauge
• Stainless steel tightening flange • Clogging device included

Min. cleaning pressure is 2 bar (29 PSI). In case of lower pressure values, the use of a pressure increasing ball valve after the filter is recommended

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