Orion 2 - Visual Flow Electro-magnetic

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ORION 2 VISUAL FLOW electro-magnetic flow meter


• No mechanical moving parts inside the pipe
• Performances independent from fluid density and viscosity
• Low sensitivity to turbulence
• High precision
• Low maintenance


• Instant flow display
• Total delivered (or filled) quantity display
• Set-up quantity to be filled
• Re-set total delivered quantity
• Unit of measure: litres or US Gallons
• Typical error: 0,5% - full scale ±1 digit
• Working pressure: up to 40 bar
• Power supply: 11 to 15 Vdc
• 0-12 Vdc pulse output with frequency proportional to rate
• Max consumption: 300 mA
• Output only by flowing fluid
• Available c/w threaded fittings in fibre glass reinforced Nylon (20 bar) or brass (40 bar) • Parts in contact with fluid made of polypropylene and Stainless Steel 316



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