ProClean™ Rotating Tank Nozzle

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ProClean™ Rotating Tank Nozzle - PC1-2F-235120

  • The ProClean™ line of tank & container nozzles are designed for more complete & faster cleaning of empty agrochemical containers including jugs & tank
  • The ProClean™ II Push Valve is designed to self-flush to help prevent sticking open or closed even with a heavy particulate solution
  • ProClean™ II Push Valve is compatible with all ProClean™ series nozzles
  • Utilize chemically-resistant, acid resistant and durable PVDF polymer construction
  • All ProClean™ components utilize hybrid ½” NPT and BSP thread for easy installation


ProClean™ container wash nozzles provide fast and efficient cleanout of chemical containers. The result is faster turnaround during refilling operations and improved safety when recycling/disposing of used containers.

The chart on the left illustrates how ProClean™ rotating nozzle beats the competition by reaching 100% clean faster.


ProClean™ tank and container wash nozzles provide the clean water flow and spray impact needed for effective cleaning.