QJS Series Stackable Nozzle Bodies

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QJS Series Stackable Nozzle Bodies

The QJS nozzle body utilizes a modular design that allows for highly customized solutions to best fit your sprayer and spraying application needs. Choose the boom size, inlet position, outlet arrangement and tip shutoff mechanism that works best. 

  • Multiple outlet, stackable nozzle body is ideal for mounted, trailed and self-propelled sprayers. 
  • Wet boom configuration offered with choice of bottom or side inlet in five different boom diameters (½", ¾", 1", 20mm and 25mm); dry boom version also available in three sizes (½", ¾", 1"). 
  • Can be equipped with any combination of TeeJet ChemSaver® tip shutoffs including pneumatic, electric, manual or spring-loaded check valve. 
  • Choose from one to four outlets in a variety of configurations. 
  • Wetted parts are nylon and Viton. 
  • Maximum operating pressure of up to 300 PSI (20 bar) depending on the ChemSaver used. 
  • Flow rating of up to 2.75 gpm (10.4 l/min) at 5 PSI (0.34 bar) pressure drop and 4.0 gpm (15.1 l/min) at 10 PSI (0.7 bar) pressure drop depending on ChemSaver used. 

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