Spratronics PreWet O-Nozzle

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Spratronics PreWet O-Nozzle 

Accurately Prewet salts for maximum performance .

Improved Technology 

Prewetting can improve the performance of de-icing salts by as much as 400% when sprayed at the correct rate.
Now it is possible to accurately control prewet rates to precisely match salt spreading rates.
The PreWet O-Nozzle uses patented technology to spray from 0.1 to 13 GPM as needed. 

Major Advantages 

  • Only one O-Nozzle is required.
  • Uniform pray rates mean salt is fully wetted per specifications at all spraying speeds from 1-60mph 
  • More miles covered per fill up 
  • Less downtime returning to reload station to refills. 

Variable Orifice Features 

  • The variable orifice opens and closes as flow to the O-Nozzle varies
  • Nozzle flow is proportional to ground speed and operator selected flow rates
  • The anti-drip design immediately shuts off when flow stops

Prewetting Illustrated

The drawing depicts a typical installation, spraying onto salt as it falls onto spinner. The PreWet O-Nozzle may also be mounted to spray directly onto conveyors or spinner. The 100° fan shaped spray pattern may be turned to match widths required. 

Only one PreWet O-Nozzle is required to fully wet material. It's easy to install - no check valves ae required - and represents your least costly solution to build and operate. 

Easy Installation 

  • The PreWet O-Nozzle is easy to install using simple brackets and U-bolts or alternative methods of your choice
  • IMPORTANT: Be certain that plumbing to the O-Nozzle is a minimum 3/4". Add reducer brushing (3/4"- 1/2") immediately before O-Nozzle
  • IMPORTANT: Always use Teflon tape to assemble all plastic plumbing parts. 
  • IMPORTANT: Never grasp the deflector tip end of the O-Nozzle to tighten it. This is where factory calibration is set and must not be disturbed. Only grasp body in the vicinity of Spratronics logo to turn or tighten. Finger tighten only.





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