Spratronics Solid Stream O-Nozzle Restrictor

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Spratronics Solid Stream 0-Nozzle Restrictor 

Multi-Lane Anti-Icing and De-Icing 


  • Only O-Nozzle are capable of correctly spraying up to 3 lanes wide at all city and high-way speeds
  • Spray Vehicle speeds range from 1-60mph, a 6000% difference 
  • Fixed orifice nozzles adjust only within a small fraction of this enormous range. 


  • Zero velocity spraying eliminates the usual clouds of spray and fog behind a truck while spraying. 
  • Other cars in the road do not have their visibilty reduced while spraying occurs.
  • Spray trucks using 0-Nozzle can keep up with traffic speeds while applying specified rates.
  • O-Nozzle do not drip at slow speeds or when stopped. This anti drip at slow speeds or when stopped. This anti drip feature avoids dangerous, slippery pools of excess liquids at stop signs and intersections. 


As the pressurized mixture enters an O-Nozzle, it pushes the orifice back against a calibrated spring. This liquid sprays out around the "O" at the cone shaped orifice and is metered out by the precision needle-shaped valve. This variable orifice feature is the key to achieving a uniform flow rate at all speeds. With this capability, it is impossible for a road or highway spraying unit to accurately meter the liquids, resulting in dangerous and wasteful under- and over application.



Unlike fixed orifice nozzles that dribble at low pressure and choke at high pressures, the O-Nozzle responds uniformly across the full range of pump pressures and flow rates. This guarantees results - when more spraying volume is call for, the O-Nozzle responds instantly. Whenever spraying is stopped, the O-Nozzle spring system seals the orifice tightly with no drips, no waste


O-Nozzles are widely used for roadway spraying at rates as high as 500gplm* using only 4 nozzles per lane. Here are some uses:

  • Streets, roads and highway anti-icing/de-icing
  • Airport anti-icing/de-icing
  • Dust and erosion control for roads and highway shoulders
  • Soil compaction and ground stabilization for gravel roads

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