Nozzle - TXR ConeJet Hollow Cone Spray Tips

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Typical Applications:

Use for broadcast application of insecticides, fungicides, defoliants and foliar fertilizers at pressures of 40 PSI (3 bar) and above.


  • Produces uniform, 80° hollow cone spray pattern. 
  • Flow rates are matched to serve as a direct replacement for commonly used non-TeeJet hollow cone spray tips.
  • High-quality ceramic orifice provides superior wear life, including high-pressure operation. 
  • Low profile acetal tip body provides minimal impact with foliage and excellent chemical resistance. n Color-coded holder based on tip flow rate allows for easy capacity identification. 
  • Snap-fit backup plate provides positive retention when handled in field, but allows for tool-free removal for easy cleaning. 
  • Suggested spray pressure range of 30–360 PSI (2–25 bar). 
  • Uses 114396-1-NYR Quick TeeJet® cap, gasket and O-ring

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