Streamjet SJ7A-VR Variable Rate - Fertilizer Nozzles

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  • The SJ7A-VR line of variable rate fertilizer spray tips feature a variable diameter orifice that produces a wide range of flow rates—it’s like having five tips in one.
  • Allows for a wider range of ground speeds and/or application rates from a single tip for improved productivity. • Also ideal for variable rate prescription map applications. 
  • SJ7A-VR tip produces seven identical fluid streams for excellent distribution quality in broadcast applications. 
  • Solid stream pattern minimizes leaf burn and virtually eliminates drift. 
  • Acetal body and deflector plate construction for good wear life and chemical resistance. 
  • Simple, elastomer (EPDM) variable orifice for reliable operation. 
  • SJ7A-VR are intended for use with flow meter based control systems only. 
  • Multiple capacities available for wider range of application rates


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