Tank Lids ~ Lid Rings : Threaded Ring with Side Connection

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PRODUCTS Tank lids and accessories Lid rings Threaded ring with side connection

  CODE             B            C Connection  D F L V
3502520  215mm  8.5”  192mm  7.6”  Side connection  255mm  8"  210mm  8,2"  38mm  1.5”  230mm  9.1”
3502540  320mm  12.6”  290mm  11.4”  Side connection  360mm  12"  313mm  12,3"  38mm  1.5”  335mm  13.2”
3502560  415mm  16.3”  382mm  15”  Side connection  462mm  16"  410mm  16,1"  35mm  1.4”  430mm  17”

Threaded ring with side connection

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