Toggle Switches - 5000 Series

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The widest range in miniature toggle switches diameter 6,35 mm available in a wide range models & amp options.


  • 17 actuators including toggles, paddle levers and locking levers in different lengths.
  • 5 contact materials from dry circuit to 6A 125VAC and high inrush up to 120A 2 ms. 
  • 8 functions including maintained and momentary versions 
  • 1 to 4 pole configurations.
  • 12 terminal types including 9 for PC board mounting. Other types include quick-connect and wire-wrap.
  • 3 types of finish including military black
  • 4 approvals (UL - CSA - VDE - CECC)
  • 4 types of sealing for terminal or front panel requirements.
  • Numerous accessories available for actuator and bushing options.



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