Triplex HP Series Demand Pump - 12V

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• Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump instantaneously when discharge valve opens and closes
• Compact design and plug-in port fittings make installation easy
• Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 54° C (130° F)
• No metal contact with liquid being pumped
• Ball bearing drive throughout pump and motor assures longer pump life
• Excellent self-priming capability. Pump may be located above the liquid level
• Powerful, permanent magnet motor with low current draw and long life brushes


  • 10.3 Bar switch setting
  • 5.3 Lpm max flow
  • Internal bypass
  • 12 Volt DC, 10.0 Amps
  • Santoprene diaphragm
  • EPDM check valve
  • 3/8"NPTF ports
  • Self-priming, up to 2.4m
  • 60°C max fluid temperature
  • Integrated pressure/demand switch
  • Glass filled nylon pump housing



    • Designed for wide range of applications
    • Small Boom and Spot Spraying
    • Silage Treatment
    • Estate Spraying
    • Livestock and Poultry Cooling
    • Dispensing
    • Transfer of liquids



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