UTV-328-Blue-LED-Sprayer Boom

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Absolutely superb addition to a fork lift, telehandler or crop sprayer - even de-icing unit on airport runway.

CREE led light with 4D lens suitable 10 to 60 vdc supply.

Under 1 amp current draw.

Crop Sprayer:

Works great on all current widths of spray boom 24m to 46m and gives a crystal clear narrow beam of led light along the length of the spray boom. This shows up each nozzle in turn and highlights if any are malfunctioning.

Excellent blue led light for if caught in low light conditions.

Fork Lift truck or Telehandler:

A new style of safety feature for a fork lift truck either use the blue led light in addition to or instead of the noisy motion beeper.

If for instance fit one blue led light to the top rear of the ROPS frame pointing rearwards then it very clearly places a bright blue circle on the ground behind the truck and warns pedestrians who may be walking past a doorway or end of aisle that the truck is nigh.



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