UTV-338-Wide Beam

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Absolutely fantastic new 70 watt led light product giving a spread of even crisp light not experienced from the usual tractor and digger stuff available in UK.

Perfect addition for tractor ploughing lights, telehandler illumination, combine, hedge cutting, spraying and more

70 watts from this light will match 100 watts from any other led light and that is before we compare the other night time benefits talked about below.

Patented fish eye lens results in a 140 degree evenly spread of light similar to technology and experience gained from street lighting. No highs and lows of light - just one of the best nigh time working environments you will fit to your machine.

Colour recognition is far better and certainly reduces the bleaching effect you get from other led lights.

Patented ETM thermal management technology maintains a lower operating temperature thus extending the life and performance of the led chips with expected life period of 60,000 hours use.

The above are facts not sales blurb but if you prefer to try before buying then please let us know on 01606 553109 and a night demo will be arranged for you.




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