WOLF - Paddle Flowmeter

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WOLF - Paddle Flowmeter 


• Hi-precision and good price/performance ratio
• Variants with fork connectors for flexible connection layout
• Variants suitable for fitting into control units and equipped with hi-pressure brass flanges
• Operating status LED
• Sapphire paddle pin to minimize rotational friction and maximize sensitivity and accuracy
• Paddle assembly equipped with ‘TWIST’ system for either cleaning or replacing operations without the need of any tools
• Fully sealed and watertight electronic sensor
• Rates from 2.5 to 800 l/min


• Typical error 1% of full scale
• Operating pressure: up to 40 bars*
• Power supply 4.5 to 26 Vdc
• 0-12 Vdc pulse output with frequency proportional to rate
• Max. consumption: 25 mA
• Parts in contact with the fluid are made of fiberglass and Delrin® reinforced Nylon

*: operating pressure depends on selected connector/union.



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