A compact and light-weight machine, ideal for mixed livestock and cereal farmers

The SPRINTER is a true BERTHOUD reference with all the assets that have made the ranges a success : tried and tested 100% BERTHOUD equipment such as the GAMA pump, the DP TRONIC regulation system and a simplicity of operation thanks to the BERLOGIC control panel.
Its small size, light weight and compactness mean that it requires only low traction power

I Fully integrated equipment for optimum compactness

  • A light-weight chassis designed using high-strength steel for a long operating life
  • Compactness above all : 3.75 m wheelbase allowing for sharp turns when being trailed
  • High-density polyethylene main tank with a capacity of 2,500 litres and an additional 5%
  • The tank has a diamond-shaped base to limit residues.
  • Sump with intake by lateral pipe for easy draining of the main tank
  • 260 litre rinse tank
  • Adjustable rudder and tow bar tracker available as an option to limit the impact on your crops


I Operation and spraying 

  • GAMA pump as standard : reputed for its sturdiness and long service life, the GAMA piston pump (130 or 160 L/min) has two major advantages :
    • outstanding volume measurement, which guarantees the accuracy of the regulation systems.
    • minimum servicing requirements thanks to its oil-bath mechanism
  • Float gauge with direct reading as standard (NIVELEC tape gauge and digital gauge as an option)
  • DILUNET and DILUNET Plus : optional for sequencing dilutions at the bottom of the tank from the cab

I ALS side-folding boom : compact and stable

  • Available in 18, 20, 21 and 24 m. 
  • Axiale suspension which provides excellent stability on flat land, slopes and bends.
  • L-shaped arm structure in order to optimise the weight/rigidity ratio.
  • Boom control : symmetric unfolding (18/9 m, 20/11 m, 24/12 m with SEH or ED control), integral unfolding in the tractor distributor or SEH versions

 [FOCUS] on compatibility with precision agriculture

  • Make your work easier with GPS assistance: guidance and section shut-off!
  • The BERTHOUD regulation units can be fitted with the E TECH unit for guidance and section shut-off.
  • These come in touchscreen format.
  • BERTHOUD GPS solutions are delivered as standard with an EGNOS receiver (free signal - accuracy : 15-30 cm).


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