200L, 7m, Berthoud, Mounted, Pulvasol -



A simple and efficient 200-litre sprayer fitted with a boom or a hose reel

PULVASOL is a constant pressure sprayer, available in 200 litres and fitted with a 7 m boom or a professional hose reel.

It has the advantage of the technologies and know-how present on the rest of the BERTHOUD range of mounted sprayers. It is simple to use and has all the qualities required for an efficient partner on your farm. 

Equipment fully integrated: Chassis/tank

  • Chassis protected by UHR polyester paint.
  • High-density polyethylene main tank, with a capacity of 200 litres + 5% to prevent spillage
  • 15 litre hand wash tank
  • Vine-grower type hitch

I Operation and spraying 

  • All the operating valves are grouped together on the left-hand side of the machine
  • PULVASOL is fitted with a diaphragm piston pump, 60 L/min at 20 bar
  • Hydraulic mixing by returning non-sprayed liquid to the tank.

Options: create the sprayer that you need!

  • Hose reel kit for PULVASOL 200 or professional aluminium hose reel
  • Hydro-injector filler kit with 4 m or 6 m hose (optional) and strainer
  • American copper hose 0.60 m kit + 10 m 40-bar hose (diam. 10 mm)
  • Lainox metallic hose 0.60 m kit + 10 m 20-bar hose (diam. 9 mm)


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