Design at the service of best practices and simplicity

The VANTAGE is a high-end, trailed sprayer. Awarded the “Machine of the Year 2017” in the “Sprayer” category, this new trailed sprayer has an original design that stands out from the other trailed models by its DARK colour and style. The VANTAGE has all the fundamentals of the brand: ACTIFLEX II axle suspension, DUALMATIC operation and its motorised version DUALELEC, as well as the BERTHOUD boom range. 

I An innovative and fully balanced chassis

  • Optimised distribution of weight on the chassis
  • Compactness above all : reduced tank height, wider at the bottom to keep the centre of gravity low.
  • Main tank in high-density polyethylene +5%
  • The tank has a diamond-shaped base to limit residues.
  • ACTIFLEX II suspension : fully mechanical suspension, with variable stiffness independent of the load. It requires very little maintenance and provides you with true comfort and work quality. 


I Simplicity and best practices

  • DUALMATIC : designed for simple and rapid use with its 2 handles controlling all the machine’s 17 functions. A motorised version of DUALELEC is available as an option, so that all the functions can be activated from the control station and the cab.
  • Mixing hopper : ergonomics combined with power. With a capacity of 25 L, it is fitted with an offset handle for opening an additional valve for rinsing. 
  • Digital NIVELEC gauge for optimising accuracy - NIVOMATIC gauge available as an option : the solution for preventing overflows (programmable filling volume with automatic stop or audible alarm).
  • DILUNET : optional for sequencing dilutions at the bottom of the tank from the cab


I The comfort of technology

  • Various control units can be connected to the DPAE VANTAGE regulation system :
    • the EC TRONIC monitor : continuous display of the main spraying parameters, integration of certain options (DUALELEC, etc.), traceability and compatibility for GPS support
    • the VT TRONIC monitor : a top-range ISOBUS terminal with a 25.6 cm touchscreen operating on Android 
    • the VANTAGE in the ISOTRONIC version is delivered without a cab unit. VANTAGE is recognised by the tractor Universal Terminal (UT) when connected to an ISOBUS tractor 
  • Whatever the solution adopted, the VANTAGE is supplied with the E-PILOT wireless joystick, which enables the sprayer to be controlled within a radius of 20 m around the machine.
  • Optional equipment is available : BOOM CONTROL / maintains the boom at a pre-set height (3 versions are available), product flow, etc. 

 [FOCUS] on the SPRAYTRONIC : increase the work area of your nozzles

  • Depending on your forward speed, a solenoid valve on each nozzle will disperse the spray.
  • SPRAYTRONIC makes it possible to vary the flow of a nozzle by 70% and, in the same way, the working speed, without changing the operating pressure.
  • Use of a standard nozzle holder.
  • Only one nozzle needed to meet most needs.
  • Option to select nozzle/nozzle shut-off.

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