A new era

The HERMES mounted sprayer is available in 3 capacities (8,00, 1,000, 1,200 litres). It has the advantage of a functional design which makes it very compact and easy to use. It is fitted with the new EcoMatic valve block as standard, and the new ALSR rear folding boom from 15 to 18 metres with an Axiale-type suspension

I HERMES : a modern style and completely compact  

  • A very light and hard-wearing HLE chassis protected by Berthoud UHR paint
  • 3-point hitch as standard, optional automatic hitch on the 3rd point
  • High-density polyethylene main tank, capacity of 800, 1,000 or 1,200 litres + 5%
  • Diamond-shaped tank bottom and sump with suction by lateral pipe for easy draining of the main tank
  • The low tank height and its design brings the weight towards the front of the chassis
  • 120 L rinsing tank placed on the right-hand side of the chassis, filled either by the opening in the tank or by fast connection to the filling station. 

I Operation and spraying : maximum simplicity

  • Graduated 25-litre retractable mixing hopper fitted with an offset control for controlling suction
  • Simplified EcoMatic operation with GAMA 101 or 130 litre/min pump

I ALSR rear folding boom : compact and stable

The new HERMES mounted sprayer is equipped with a new range of ALSR rear folding booms of 15, 16 or 18 metres.
This new boom with 3 steel arms benefits from BERTHOUD's wealth of expertise:

  • Suspension on an AXIALE central pivot, which gives this boom excellent stability and good performance on slopes, bends and on flat terrain

  • Robust and compact thanks to its « L-shaped » structure, it complies with the regulatory road width of 2.55 m.

  • Multiple arm disconnection for more flexibility in use

 [FOCUS] on operating the EcoMatic 

  • The operating valves are attached to the body of the pump, which eliminates the connector pipe assembly and limits residual volumes.
  • The valves are made of aluminium for a longer life.
  • A single command controls all of the functions for greater simplicity and comfort.
  • The sequential rinsing function provides a simple and risk-free sequential rinse of all the circuits.
  • Its accessibility and simple design optimises servicing and maintenance.

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