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The MAXAIR sprayer range offers :

  • efficiency
  • versatility
  • economy
  • profitability
  • consistency



Characteristics Description
Capacities 200 - 300 - 400 - 600
Tank- chassis One-piece chassis protected with Berthoud UHR paint - 55 l integrated rinsing and hand-washing tanks
Fan Rear intake axial flow - Power input: 13, 19 or 26 HP according to the fan - Low or High position (h unit standing on the floor  = 700 or 1000 mm)
Pump / Regulation APS 51 membrane piston pump (50 l/min - 30 bar) - Gama 82 piston pump (80 l/min - 40 bar) - Constant pressure regulation
Operation Manual valves
Advantages Compact units
Wide choice (capacity, fan) according to your requirements
  4 liquid capacities :200,300, 400 et 600 litres/tanks :high density polyethylen.Large diameter filing hole.
  3 helico'idal fans made of compound material :400,600 and 840 mm, diameters (polyester fan cowlan Maxair 484 and 684). Air diffusers and fan dome made of compound material (not on Maxa ir 240) to ensure streamlined air flow.
2 pumps  APS 51 :3 piston-diaphragm pump (output 50 1/min­ pressure 30 bar). Regulator made of compound material (main and section valves).
Gama 82 :3 piston pump (output SOI/min-pressure 40 bar).Brass regulator and section valves.
Chassis backward tilted for linkage facility protected by UHR paint. Entirely automatic hi1ch system on Maxair 460,484 and 684 equipped with Gama 82 pump. Two different heights of Cat. 1 hitch on Maxair with APS 51 pump.
Protected nozzle holders and nozzles  arranged on a stainless steel boom on Maxair 484 and 684, withoU1 any disturbance of the airstream, the performance and the air dispersion. Standard Torex nozzles. Optional Billo nozzles.







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